(i)         Selection By Examination, Direct Interview and DPC covering period: Since establishment of the Commission till 31 March 2013 total 14737 candidates have been recommended for appointment by the Commission out of which 636 PCS Officers, 173 Civil Judge(J.D), 212 Lecturers of Govt. Degree Colleges, 3246 Lectures of Govt. Intermediate Colleges, 743 Allopathic Medical Officers, 1266 J.E., 160 A.E., 54Dental Surgeons, 73 Homeopathic Medical Officers, Principal/Superintendent and 95 lecturers Govt. Polytechnic are included.

(ii)        Selection by promotion since establishment of Commission till 31 March, 2013. Commission recommended 6075 candidates against 7876 posts by promotion.

(iii)       481 posts of 09 Govt. departments have also been advertised since April, 2012 to March, 2013